Locro de papa: Easy Smooth Ecuadorian Soup

Locro de papa

Locro de papa, a cheesy potato soup, is one of the classics of the Ecuadorian cuisine.
Potatoes and onions creamed with milk and cheese, and spiced with cumin and achiote powder, sound like a good combo, right?

Fish Soup: Delicious Norwegian Fiskesuppe

Norwegian fish soup (fiskesuppe)

Creamy Norwegian fish soup (kremet fiskesuppe) is often found on both family dining tables and restaurant menus around the country. It goes as well on a rainy autumn day as on a hot summer one.

Veal Soup: Rich Serbian Teleća Čorba

Teleća čorba - veal soup

Teleća čorba (Veal soup) is one of Serbian traditional soups adored all over the land, as well as in the surrounding Balkan countries.
Light and very flavorful from the veal, it is always a perfect fist course for a Sunday lunch.